A smiling cat with relux and heeling cat.
Released in mid-June 2015

A cute little smile heeling cat with a golden bell. It is healed with smooth and smooth fur.
The mascot size comes with e heelinga fun puppet and a beautiful ball chain.
The S size that sits on the palm and the slightly larger M size is a beanbag type that feels good.
There are 4 types of black cats and white cats with cute pink noses, bee-patterned cats, and black-headed bee cats.

Yubi doll(FInger playing doll) (approx. Height 8 x width 5 x depth 3 cm): ¥ 680
S size (approx. Height 8 x width 6 x depth 6 cm): ¥ 880
Medium size (approx. Height 16 x width 11 x depth 12 cm): ¥ 1,280